HomeMadeEnergy Review

HomeMadeEnergy is a guide that helps consumers save money on their electric bills. The guide helps you learn alternative forms of energy and tips to save electricity. The book contains useful and valuable information on how ordinary people can make cheap solar panels at home.

The guide also teaches individuals to build your own solar panel for less than $200 total in material cost, letting you save thousands compared to pricey readymade models.

Today, you can find DIY environmentally-friendly guides that will help you create homemade electrical gadgets on a budget. These tutorials are slowly changing the energy industry as more and more household owners are starting to build their own alternative energy devices.

The incentives include minimized power costs, enhance property value of your home and eligibility for tax refunds.

Bill Ford

HomeMadeEnergy originated from one man’s issue and annoyance with his energy bill, which was continually increasing every  month. After he was awarded an energy saving meter which actually increased his monthly electric bill, Bill Ford started to fight back against the utility company.

The electric company didn’t bank that the 52-year old electrician was dedicating his life’s work to get free energy and telling his neighbors to do the same. And due to a series of fortunate events, the electric company even ended up paying him. With electric bills that were increasing each month, any opportunity that cuts off the bill is always a welcome surprise. And although you may not get free electricity at all, the guide guarantees up to 75 percent savings on your monthly bill.

The Plans

The HomeMadeEnergy guide is a 44-page ebook with diagrams and images to assist individuals who are planning to build cheap solar panels. The guide features steps, instructions and tips on how to build solar panels along with plans for a DIY wind turbine. The book comes with pictures, images, diagrams and step by step instructions that will guide you through the process of making a solar panel.

The system also includes a sizing worksheet that you can use to enter information about the lighting and appliances you use and how much electricity they consume. From this worksheet, you will be able to get a good understanding of how much power you need in your home.

The ebook also contains comprehensive information on using batteries to save excess energy generated by the solar panels. By using this guide, homeowners are able to make solar roof panels and wind turbines for the home from affordable materials. The system also features a video guide that will show users how to assemble a solar panel.


HomeMadeEnergy includes over six hours of video content that cover system components, layout, wiring, tools, and measurements needed for making the equipment. The system includes a step by step illustrated guide on how to construct wind and solar panels, easy video instructions, step by step diagrams for installation, and two month money back guarantee.

The guide directs users to more cost effective windmills for electricity and rooftop solar panels. The ebook is ideal for beginners because of its diagrams and step by step instructions.

As a conclusion, the ebook is a comprehensive guide that includes videos, worksheets and instructions that is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Given the basic skills and common tools, anyone can make their very own domestic solar power with the help of this guide.


The work in itself is indeed a major industry breakthrough. HomeMadeEnergy is commended for offering solar and wind energy at a very affordable cost. And the savings can be realized within a few weeks only. This alternative energy system is an eco friendly way of generating energy and lets users reduce utility cost.

The concept of building your very own wind and solar powered generators that pays you back in only a matter of weeks is indeed something that makes the system a must try for everyone. In the United States alone, there are already 42,000 households that use this power generating setup.