GreenDIYEnergy Review

If you’re looking for some real information on Greendiyenergy, you’ve found it here. We’ve done the research and background checks and this page explains our findings. All green products are carefully scrutinzed when they enter the market. Most of them are genuine, but there is always some people out there to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense.

Is Green DIY Energy a Scam?

Let me say this straight away to put your mind at ease, Greendiyenergy is NOT a scam. Just make sure you visit the correct website and you’ll be safe. If in doubt, follow some of the links from this page to ensure you don’t get redirected to a spammy mirror site.


The domain was first rgistered on the 16th February 2009 in the US through the domain registrar GoDaddy. There is a common practice with spam websites to hide or use a proxy for domain registrations to protect the identity of the person
or company registering the domain.


Greendiyenergy itself only has a seldomly used Youtube and Twitter account. You can find Greendiyenergy on Twitter using the ID greendiyenergy. This account only has 5 followers and 3 tweets. They also have a Youtube channel with the sme username; greendiyenergy. There are no videos posted on this channel but it still has 40 subscribers. Apart from that you won’t find much more than this about Greendiyenergy.

The owners of the greendiyenergy domain haven’t done this which shows that they have nothing to hide. The listed company registering the domain is Online Support Solutions LLC. The listed company address is 3879 E, 120th Avenue, Suite 323, Thornton, Colorado 80233. Colorado is an area with a high density of wind and solar users which goes along with the legitimacy of this company.

Social Media

The Greendiyenergy brand doesn’t have a huge presence online. It’s popularity has come solely from viral marketing and social media. Products as good as this don’t take long to spread across the web. The guys at Greendiyenergy put a lot of work into creating this product and have been duly rewarded with an absolute raft of free traffic from around Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.