Earth4Energy Review

We have done the research on Earth4energy and it’s co-creator Michael Harvey and the results are here for you to see. We decided to do this Earth4Energy review because we noticed that there were a lot of sub standard reviews around which didn’t actually tell you anything at all. If the purpose of your search is to find out whether the Earth4energy scam holds any weight, you can stop right here.

Earth4energy is not a scam. It’s a real genuine product and has been operating and selling openly in the US since June 2008. The product adheres to all Federal and State regulations and FTC guidelines and is sold through Clickbank, a reputable brand.


The domain was first registered on the 22nd June 2008. The person who registered this domain used the domains by proxy service through Godaddy to keep their personal details private. This is a common thing to do for businesses.

The book was published by Swerd Publishing pty. The main product consist of a 90 pg downloadable eBook and 3 instructional videos to help you create solar panels for your home.

Social Presence

We conducted a full Earth4energy review of all of the major social networking sites and found that they seemingly appear to be very active in the social media arena, however none of the major pages and profiles are genuinely from Michael Harvey or Earth4energy. There are also lots of Earth4energy facebook pages, but none of them are genuine. Lots of people create these pages to help popularize this site and drive traffic to the site. Earth4energy also has a very active Twitter account.

You can find this page with the username @earth_4_energy. This page currently has over 1000 followers and has posted 126 tweets, however on closer inspection, this profile is also not genuinely from Michael Harvey or Earth4energy.


As you can see there a quite a lot of people impersonating Michael Harvey and / or Earth4energy. This is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people are so skeptical about this product. The people doing this are either trying to poach traffic for their own  websites or taking you to a mirror site in which to sell you a phony duplicate product. You have to take care to find the proper home page for Earth4energy. Either type in the address manually, or follow one of the secure links from this page.

I hate to the one to break it to you, but Earth4energy does actually show you how to build your own solar panel units for around $200 each. Although one thing you should realise now is that because more and more people from all over the States are doing this, it is becoming more difficult to find cheap parts. There are other options for you get your own solar system, but building them yourself is certainly still the cheapest option.