Build Your Own Solar Panel

You’ve read about it in the magazines and newspapers, or maybe you’ve seen it on TV or done some research on the Internet. Either way, by now you already know that IT IS POSSIBLE for you to build your own solar panels. The next obvious question you’re  probably looking for an answer to is; ‘ Which guide is the best value?’. Well the good news is you’re in the right place. This review compares the 10 Best DIY home energy guides currently on the market.

All of the guides on this site provide step-by-step instructions for you to build your own 60-120 photovoltaic panels for under $200. They ALL include pictures, diagrams and detailed instructions which are easy to follow.  The parts used to make the solar panels for your home can ALL be sourced from your local hardware store. The prices for the guides are reasonably close. However, that’s where the similarities end.

How To Build Your Own Solar Panel – The Basic Steps

The purpose here is to give you a quick run down of the steps on how to build solar panels yourself. All of the guides above provide the steps in a lot more detail, but the process is pretty much always the same.

Solar Cells

The very first thing you are going to need to do is find some cheap solar cells for sale and buy them. Try to get hold of solar panels which are somewhere between 12 volts and 16 volts as they are ideal for this particular approach and tend to be the best value. The very first place to try will be your  neighbourhood hardware retailer.  Go to the big ones to begin with, or for good specials search for 2nd hand solar panels at the smaller outlets. You should be able to find one which is priced about or sometimes under $100.


The second key device you will require is a battery. While you could possibly be tempted to go big here, a small rechargeable solar battery is certainly the perfect option. A twelve volt lead or acid battery pack is going to do the trick. The actual variety you are hunting for at this point is a deep cell battery as they happen to be made the best for frequent and continuous usage. In order to make your solar cell safely and securely you might also wish to invest in a solar battery box. This will provide you with safeguards from the battery pack and also the actual electricity it provides in the event you are operating inside small quarters or maybe have got little kids running around in the area.

DC Meter and Input

The next supplies needed are a DC meter which matches the particular voltage of your battery and also a DC input. These products will allow you to convert your electrical power from the solar panel and apply it to power sources about your home. Naturally in cases where you are wishing to power AC appliances you will require some sort of inverter as well.

It’s now time to actually build your solar roof panels. Start using some sort of handheld drill in order to connect your meter and DC input to the topmost end of the electric battery box. Link the battery to the DC volt meter using a little bit of protected wire.


Don’t forget, these suggestions are just an example of the process and are by no means a definitive guide. If you’re serious about doing this work invest in one of the guides above.

Be very cautious to only work with one particular wire at a time and connect  the first cable to the negative input first. Once again use a little insulated cable to hook up the battery to the DC inlet socket on the solar panel.

OK, now you’re ready to begin converting the sun’s power into your own personal usable electricity. Shut the top tightly with some sort of twine and put the whole product out directly into the sun. Wait for about eight hours and then get set to laze in plenty of home made electrical power.